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Dance is the spontaneous outflow of our absolute pleasing state of mind scattered by parts of body in an arranged sequence of actions. It is the best source of entertainment and so has been associated with human life since early days of cultural evolution on this earth. However, from the late 17th century it has been recognized widely as a good source of earning both money as well as fame. Along with some new age dancing trends, varieties of traditional dance forms exist and are exercised across world. Modern trendy dances are extremely popular among youngsters and one of such trendy dance forms is hip hop dance.

hip hop dance
1920 dance
hip hop dance

Learn Hip Hop Dance and gain a broad recognition

The word ‘hip-hop’ is made of two slang terms i.e. hip which means ‘in the know’ and hop which means ‘hopping movements exercised by performers’ maintaining an extreme control to their body. The main objective of this genre is to gather public as much as possible in a public place. 

It consists of a stylized rhythmic tone that generally accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. It got a global recognition by the end of 1980. There are some specific dance steps used in this form that makes it quite different, attractive as well as a bit complicated.

It is good to know here at this junction that in the initial stage hip hop dance was built with five foundational elements i.e. MCing, DJing, Breakdancing, Graffiti and Knowledge.

Why should you join Tansen for hip hop dance?

Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya has been popularly and widely acknowledged as the most reputed, certified and affordable hip hop dance academy near me. It furnishes a sound record of many successful learners who are performing their talent in different parts of India. Tansen build its specific identity by dint of its well-trained and certified team of dance and music experts. Moreover, it has various learning centers that satisfy your searches beautifully for hip hop dance classes near me.   Tansen strictly believes in formation of a bold plinth of basics that lets you understand the core essence of each segment in sequence from depth which ultimately helps you perform excellently without any mistake.  

What make Tansen different from other hip hop dance classes near me?

Presently, there are numbers of centers for hip hop dance classes in west delhi who charge a hefty amount for any music or dance course and in return the learners come out after the course bare handed. In short, both their money and time is lost and they seemed like got befooled. But on the contrary, Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya ensures you to pay the most deserving result of your dream. Going through the following characteristics will encourage your decision of being a fellow learner of Tansen for hip hop dance classes in dwarka near me.

  • Tansen Sangeet mahavidyalaya is a prestigious center of excellence for learning music and dance that ensures its music and dance aspirants to pay out the optimum value against their valuable money and precious time spent in learning.
  • Tansen is a truly certified and reputed school for music arts and dance and runs all its classes under well-planned routine. 
  • It lets you attend maximum practical classes for under the supervision of dance expert for bringing out the most shining core of your passion for learning hip hop dance in west delhi and other centers. 
  • All the classes are run under the extreme guidance of our well-experienced and certified music as well as dance teachers.
  • At Tansen you are given proper theoretical classes for building up a solid base of knowledge and basic general ideas pertain to the specific genre of music or dance form.
  • All our music and dance learning centers are safe, beautifully decorated and well-equipped with varieties of music instruments that lets you learn in the most original environment of dance and music.
  • After successful completion of a course you receive a valid certificate which will become a great support in your future endeavors.

So, if you possess a real zeal of learning hip hop dance near me take a right decision to join only the most reliable hip hop dance academy near me. A right decision taken at the right hour with a right purpose may create wonders by turning your dream into a reality. Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya understands its responsibilities regarding your passion and so ensures you to become a true musician or dancer. 

Tansen encourages learners of all age, religion, language and profession to bring out their compressed dream. Contact for a free demo class today and become a fellow of the most prestigious music and dance academy. We promise you to furnish our responsibility at our level the best. Our true experts will place you ahead all your hip hop competitors.  

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