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The singing lesson at Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya revolves round the commitment of preparing each singing candidate of ours for better of their future prospects and our music classes can encourage be terribly bountied for you. Here at tansen sangeet mahavidyalaya with the proper steerage of our Vocal instructors you’ll realize your right voice and therefore the techniques and skills concerned to become a booming singer is additionally educated here. At tansen sangeet mahavidyalaya .We teach our students the art of Indian classical singing in its original and purest type . The learners WHO are serious to indulge themselves in learning the vocal tradition of Hidustani Shastriya Sangeet are often certain to be a part of North American nation . aside from coaching the Indian Classical

Singing to our understudies we tend to in addition focus on showing them the renowned sorts of singing, for instance, lightweight ancient sorts of singing that ar Ghazal, Sufi singing, Bollywood Singing , popular music genre . we’ve got extremely experienced gurus . We offer you short term, regular term and extended term courses


Become a professional musician with advanced Keyboard Classes

Music has been an integral part of human life since the early stage of human civilization. People across the globe have been using various musical instruments to express their music cult. In early days such instruments were made out of natural materials like, bamboos, tree-sticks, stones, bronze & copper plates, conch shells, hand bells etc. The categorization of family branch of such instruments depends on the material of manufacturing, mode of playing and the producing sound. However, it is good to know that five classes of such music tools are Strings, Brass, Woodwind, Keyboards, and Percussion. Going through Keyboard classes with extreme practice sessions for Keyboard instruments is the key to master the instruments of this stream.   

A short introduction to Keyboard music instruments

As it is acknowledged universally “Necessity is the mother of invention” in last five centuries there has been a gradual development on large scale in the field of musical instruments too. Among them all keyboard instruments are played manually using a row of levers which are pressed by the fingers. In the last decade of 20th century instruments with electronic keyboards also got introduced. 

  • Major keyboard musical instruments are –
  1. Harmonium (Single read, Double read, Triple read)
  2. Piano (Forte piano, Tangent piano, Orphica)
  3. Aerophones (Accordion, Calliope, Claviola, Pump organ, Pipe organ, Melodica, Regal)
  4. Idiophones (Electric piano, Rhodes piano, Hohner piano, Toy piano)
  5. Electrophones (Digital piano, Electronic piano, Electronic keyboard, Electronic organ, Synthesizer)

The concept behind joining keyboard classes

First of all, in order to understand the significance of joining Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya for authentic and popular keyboard music classes look at the following points –

  • Different keys arranged on the Keyboard produce different sound
  • Keys are not placed in a systematic way
  • Different keys produce different pitch and sound level
  • Duration of pressing a key vary to produce different sounds from the same key
  • There is substantial basic difference among tone, rhythm, pitch, frequency, sound, theme etc.

Why to join Tansen for Keyboard school?

Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya has been known to be the most popular, certified and affordable for providing a large range of keyboard music classes and keyboard learning classes through a group of highly qualified and well-trained keyboard tutors near me. Here learners get adequate keyboard piano lessons and basic keyboard classes for other musical instruments. Our core value is to provide our keyboard classes for beginners in the most comfortable mode that they may grasp the basics of keyboard functionality easily that may create really a bold foundation for developing a top level music caliber within them.

What makes Tansen different from other keyboard classes near me?

Today in the age of high speed internet, while searching for online keyboard classes or music keyboard classes near me, you may get a zillion of answers who claim to have the best keyboard classes online. But, unfortunately the harsh reality is that you will waste your money and time at these keyboard learning classes near me. 

But on the other hand, go through the following points carefully that will help you decide firmly why Tansen would be the most beneficial and desiring search result pertaining to music keyboard classes near me – 

  • Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya is a certified center for keyboard learning classes near me.
  • It engages a skilled team of devoted, qualified and talented keyboard tutors near me.
  • You learn your keyboard lessons at extreme neat & clean premises that secure the natural vibes of peace & calm.
  • You can also arrange your keyboard classes at home on special request.
  • After completion of your keyboard course you will obtain a valid certificate of specific recognition.
  • Fees for online keyboard classes near me are extremely fair and competitive in comparison to other keyboard piano classes near me or just for some other keyboard lessons for beginners.

   Who should join Tansen for keyboard classes?

Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya is an authentic and credible Keyboard school that has secured an incredible and prestigious popularity within a short span of time since its inception. By dint of a group of experts for different musical instruments it promises it learners to provide the best keyboard classes and singing classes of the finest blend of expertise.

So, Tansen deserves to be counted as the keyboard school for any one whoever desires to master keyboard classes online or offline.

Thus, Tansen would be a fine selection to contact for the following music learning aspirants – 

  • Specialized Keyboard lessons for beginners of any age, language, gender and religion.
  • Advanced online keyboard classes for distant learners.
  • Arrangement of basic keyboard classes online for working professionals.  
  • Nearby keyboard classes for kids, busy individuals, women, business persons and students.
  • Specially arranged keyboard classes near me or keyboard classes at home for adults who are badly engaged with their daily schedule.

Henceforth, in conclusion it can be said that joining Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyalaya would definitely be a praiseworthy idea for keyboard learning classes relevant to any keyboard oriented musical instrument either for online keyboard classes near me or class keyboard learning.

Then why to delay! Make your dream come true at the soonest with the most supportive keyboard tutors near me at Tansen Sangeet Maha Vidyalaya. We promise you to bring out the most rewarding value of your fees paid here and time spent in keyboard learning classes at Tansen.

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